Tuesday, June 15, 2010

accepting death

Hello. I haven't blogged for 2weeks and more ?! feel like postponing a lot. still remember I had been eager to post since the first of June but then the desire vanished although I wanna talk LOTS, yeah you know, laziness grows on holiday.

And so..
yesterday was the first time I experienced how that sorrow of having someone I ever met announced dead. I had not seen her for long years and I kinda forgot how she looked like. It's simply because I know she ever existed on the earth and unexpectedly, she's gone. forever. I felt terrible. I imagined how if she had been one of my close ones... but I had burst into tears even before I started.
I had been taught theories to accept death and I thought I wouldn't be so depressed of it. But now I seem not ready spiritually. Even to an almost-stranger, I feel this uneasy. sigh. I wish I have the strength when someday I encounter this again. death oh death.

P.S. I'm not a Twilight Saga freak but I've added an Eclipse movie countdowns ;) Let's count !