Monday, February 28, 2011

See you next year

February 2011 is undoubtedly my "peak month", because of which I'm sorry to learn that it's ending today :(

First thing I love about the month is the delay of our monthly test, though it means more materials next time. No matter what, now is now, later is later ._.

Secondly, my new house.

Thirdly, our gold in p2s1 quick-witted, this is not really something to be cocky of, not even to be satisfied of. Ask me why. Anyhow, it's still a gold :)

I'm saving the last for the best. The recycling project, of course. Yesterday was the presentation day and today was supposed to be the announcement of the winners, but I didn't find it anywhere at school :| Above is a quick shot of our final result. I don't know if it'll beat the other competitors', but let's just hope for the best :)

In 2 words, this month is "not dull". In 2 cooler words, this month is "fabulously fun". Just hoping March will be as great, or greater (?). I guess it won't, as our one and only monthly test this semester is held on the 7th. With the mountainous materials and my very unprepared self, I've got a hunch that March won't be that good to me. Well, life has its ups and downs.
Bonjour, March !

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

defining fun

Today our recycling team went to Jessica's home to start our project. I had always wanted to try recycling some paper and make it useful since I first read the article about it in the 3rd year of primary, but you know, I wouldn't be able to do it by myself, so I never really tried. And finally, that curiosity was finally satisfied :) Thanks to Yasmeen who, I can say, very experienced in it and had been patiently instructing us on the making of the project. I had a really great, no, great great great day :) the project isn't done anyway, I'm so looking forward to finishing and admiring it haha !

Above, our picture of the day (via phone, I can't control where to attach pictures)
The shape was not a part of our work actually, but it's cute, isn't it? :p Not going to post more pictures, well, at least not until the competition ended. We are putting hope on this project ! Even if it isn't good enough in the juries' eyes, I personally think every hard work is paid off by the new experiences I got.

Have a good Sunday night ! :)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brief night post

I'm now on my back from a lantern festival held at a restaurant in town. Festival? I suppose it's more like a gathering dinner with some performances. They were great anyway :)

I thought today's gonna be one of my worst day since bad things kept on happening to me this morning and afternoon. Fortunately it came to its end in a very nice way, thanks to the dinner !

Reaching home soon, assignments awaiting :| last but not least, happy cap go me !
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving on, moving in, and moving out

Late to say this but happy Valentine's day people :) for the last 3 days I and my family have been busy with our moving into a new home <3 we invited 2 Bhikshunis to do a blessing for our house and held some kind of a tea party yesterday with mom's friends. Our new address is actually not a considerable distant away from the old one. 2 minutes of strolling should do ._. So now here I am slouching on a couch while typing this on phone. It's a public holiday today but this morning I went to school anyway. These weeks my school is having P2S1, an event where various competitions are held for the students to participate in. I went for Sudoku just now and my time record was lame oh wait I didn't even finish it because when I noticed there were many participants who had completed the puzzles already, I suddenly reached a high desperation level and thought I should just give up. I was feeling anxious and my brain didn't work well. Well good excuses. Hahaha. The others I join are quick-witted contest and recycling project.

Ending the post here :) I'm now going to move some stuffs from my old dwelling. sigh I never knew there were so many things lacking when you move in. Regardless of the busyness and the heavy-hearted feeling of leaving my old home, overall I'm happy. Well something new isn't bad is it? New house new room .... And I no longer share my room with my brother hmm. Guess I should start adjusting and stop being too clingy.

Life goes on.

Have a nice day friends :)
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

awkward good girl

Last night I went to Sushitei for dinner with my family and relatives. The family of my grandma's sister were in town. Well when I said family it's kind of the whole members : son, daughter, in-laws and grandchildren ._. they are Chinese and I felt damn awkward that i didn't dare speak to them HAHA. Firstly I had never known them before. Secondly, I am somehow not used to speaking Chinese. My father always says that I should speak up to gradually get used to it. But it's just awkward -_- dad maybe you should have communicated with me by both Chinese and Cantonese since I started to learn talking.

So like what i told you, i went to Brastagi 4 days ago for a yearly chanting (in case you forget or do not know, i went to the same event last year).

I don't understand why but somehow short chanting can calm my mind whilst long chanting like that made me recall the bad mischievous things I had done the previous year, perhaps He was trying to tell me not to repeat the same mistakes as last year. Well I don't know if it's right to say "He" because the event was named 礼拜千佛, meaning "Worshipping Thousands of Buddhas". Should I say "They"? It'd be awkward then ._.
And as you see, last time my legs hurt like hell for a week. I couldn't even squat or go up and down stairs (actually i could but it HURT like really really hurt ._. (and actually it's not that capital-lettered "HURT" like breaking your legs but it's just this tender "hurt" ._. )) okay I should stop exaggerating and speaking nonsense.
What i cherish is that I didn't have that much problem this year. Did He(They?) have few to scold me for? B) Emm yeah so the conclusion is "I had been a good kindhearted sinless girl" No protest. Well a good girl doesn't lie, so actually this year they reduced the sessions. We had only 4, so perhaps that's the reason.
But anyhow I'm still a good girl kay!

Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm just going to post some rabbit things. hahaha rabbit spirit !

For your Valentine, maybe? ;)

OMG !! I would buy this for my daughter ! If I had one ._.

rabbit (?)

this rabbit family origami is the cutest ever ! gotta try to make some later. You can follow the instructions here

No no no don't tempt me. My mom's not going to accept you at home :( Oh cute little creature !

How's your new year so far? :) Mine is great, I hope yours too.

going to Berastagi tomorrow. cya !

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bye tiger hello rabbit

Hello :) So today is Chinese New Year's Eve, or I should say sa cap me, the day (night?) when the whole family members get together for dinner and celebrate the beginning of the new year with a feast. As usual, my family is going to have a meatless one ;) I'm probably going to continue being a vegetarian until the 15th day of the new year. PROBABLY. The hardest part is actually not the food or the desire for meat, but people's cons toward it. Typical relatives and friends (esp. conventional elderlies) will disagree of me (as a "child" -_-) for not eating meat. Some can "suggestively force" me into eating it, some others unintentionally put meaty food in my plate, or sometimes I myself forget hmm. Under the circumstances, I will just thrive my best to reduce the meat I consume instead of vowing I won't eat any. Often I feel salute to my father as he hasn't been eating any meat for precisely a year today (counted with the lunar calendar). A full year. Tsk tsk. He still consumes dairy products such as milk and eggs though. Contrary to what some people believe, he is much healthier after becoming a vegan, and he has a better temperament since then.

Well I always feel my posts are incomplete, but guess that's all for the last post in this tiger year ;)

Happy early New Year to you who celebrate ! 年行大运 !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


有时候,当你认识一个人一段时间了,也一向相处得很好,什么话都跟他说得来,后来会不会突然觉得 "他变了?" 不. 应该是说 "我们俩都变了." 友谊也变了. 怎么突然不想跟他讲话啦?怎么他好像不太理我了?怎么不能像以前那样互相关心对方了?怎么我们好像是假心假意得相处呢?真搞不懂 .....

我觉得我不管做什么,说什么,都错咧. 我关心他,感觉却好像是在挖苦他. 我称赞他,听起来会好像在看不起他. 相反的,我对他诉苦,他劝我时,我也听不进去,因为我觉得他 没有认真地劝我。真不知道我到底是怎么回事了. 人往往相处久了,感情就会有了变化吗?变得更好是无所谓啦,但这是不良的变化咧! 他的确没有说什么,我也的确不知道是不是我在胡思乱想,总之,这种感觉每次都造成我的困扰啊!