Saturday, January 29, 2011

The power of words....

Isn't it impressive how some compliments can make your day? And irritating how some contemptuous words drop your mood and ruin the day. Words, can both heal and destroy... Often without realizing it, you may have hurt others with your saying. But this time it's not my case. I was actually aware of my being offensive.... right AFTER I said it. And it's not like I could take it back :( I need some slaps, thank my mouth. Somehow it's too, amazing, how karma works on me fast. Another person pissed me off the same way I had done to the previous one. She wasn't conscious of her utterance actually, I was about to get angry but come to think of it, hadn't I been in the same situation? :/ Puzzled. Was I supposed to get mad or just let it go? They are only words ain't they?
I decided not to take this matter any further. If I had responded, we'd have argued, and what do you think it means? more words.

P.S. I think I do need someone to watch my words and tell me if they are displeasing. I know I'll feel bad but I would rather inspect myself than continue living with doubts about whether people love or loathe me....
well, finally, this post seems a bit dull and incomplete.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I m i s s m y c h i l d h o o d

and seriously, who don't ? Back then life was much simpler. Remember how some relatively basic things gave you the utmost happiness? I remember being whacking delighted when a friend merely offered me a sheet of seaweed snack. This scene of innocence has been sweetly secured in my memory for over 9 years and supposedly will never be unlocked. Somehow if you now give me a sheet, I will say, is it even COUNTABLE? hahahaha *kidding* but that conveys much of how childhood is -benevolent, minus malicious- , yet how weird people grow up along with changes in the way of thinking.
Frankly I was some kind of hypersensitive child. Since I got to remember things, I've been crying a lot for the virtue others have done for me. For instance when my mom bought me a huge doll for my 10th birthday, I cried ._. actually without her knowing and certainly the tears of happiness. Weird? You judge.

Anyway, I used to answer "teacher" when questioned for my dream job. A typical child's. And I thought it was ONLY a child's before a friend told me recently that he wanted to be a teacher. And I was like W O W. Is it just him or many people really want to? or perhaps it's me not having met many.

more or less a post :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

emm... things.

the report card was out today. as I didn't study well last semester plus the adjustment to ESSAY TESTS (which I detest very much), I was not expecting for a good result. My rank turned out not that bad actually, but inadequate for me. remember "Compete with yourself" ? hahahaha I know my limits and I know I could do better, so yeah gotta make a progress this ongoing term :D

I'm not posting much nowadays -.- even Saturdays and Sundays haven't been friendly to me.

There're two things in life you must not hesitate to do :
1. taking the chance of doing good deeds
2. Be filial to our parents
got this from a sermon at the Sunday class I attended yesterday. very good one ♥

Sunday, January 2, 2011

another new year :)

yesterday's new year I joined another BLIA YAD's event, the Old n New party in Brastagi, and I can say I had the greatest one ever ! :)

such a memory :) love ya !

P.S. school starts tomorrow W O W

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. - Buddha