Sunday, December 26, 2010

10 facts I've just found out

  1. Being smart isn't that good.

  2. Being moronic isn't that bad too.

  3. Nothing is completely perfect.

  4. Nothing is perfectly faulty.

  5. There's always a price for everything.

  6. Something good but too much will harm.

  7. Compete with yourself.

  8. Put your best effort into anything, whether the result is good or bad, that's it.

  9. It's erroneous to expect good result without an endeavor.

  10. "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas !

got a picture message from Grisella this afternoon :
Love ya too Gris :*

I feel lucky

*been a 3-month vacuum huh?*

Look at this quote we may always hit on, whether in the movies, books, or social networking sites : "My mother is the best mother in the world" or "My father is the best father in the world". As I noticed they're used very often, I thought it's just another "poetic" quote to show respect, love, bla3 to our parents. The other day I found it awkward. Yeah commonly people get only ONE father and ONE mother don't they? And of course, my parents are the best in the world (because I don't have other ones ?). Isn't it so? It's like saying becak is the most modern form of transportation when you never know the airplane. I thought the inventor or composer or poet or whoever started this quote was unintelligent. How could something which is already so obvious be made into a quote and yet people use it all the time to show how great their own mothers and fathers are.
(P.S. Of course this was just a random thought or probably a thought to think about when I felt like being a jobless professor :P )
Nevermind then, quotes like those aren't important. What matters is how we actually treat our parents, true?

But think about it again...It's ONE which means you can't compare with anybody else..... Jrenggg i got the point. It isn't to imply the selfishness of saying that only my parents are the best...instead, it is to tell that each one's parents are incomparable. Everyone's are the best ! In fact there's no way to compare, every parent loves their children, it's the way that differs. Well at least that's what I thought it means later on.

The same understanding applies for the other things, one of which : life. Our own life is the best. And we ain't supposed to envy others'. There was a time when I used to envy much of others' life. In my eyes, the great, famous, successful person, or even an ordinary person, they all had their own forte and no matter how, I'd always always be a small fry, not more. It turned out wrong. If everyone has "something", does it mean I don't? here is another quote, good one :
Beethoven was a great composer and pianist, he began to lose his hearing at his 20s and was completely deaf at 40s, yet he still managed to compose his music. Edison had gone through thousands of experiments before he finally invented the light bulb. See? We won't know the hardship someone has gone through before achieving a feat. We won't know if there's sorrow behind someone's smile. Again,
we won't know how lucky we are before we stop envying others' life. Ever since i learnt to practice this theory in life, I have lived much happier. One's strength isnt't to be envied, it's to motivate ourselves to be a better person.

P.S. Anyway, unless you act upon it, feeling motivated is useless :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


went for a 12-day family trip to China this holiday and I can say that it was beyond my expectation. I thought the trip would be boring - visiting historical sites and dealing with rubbish everywhere. But it turned out not. I felt like laughing at my stupid thought as amazement filled me seeing the modernity it has, especially in Beijing and Shanghai. 4 thumbs up (if one day I happen to have 4 hands ;)) for the superb buildings' height in Shanghai and the flyovers professionally made everywhere in the big cities. I wonder if I will live long enough to see Indonesia be like that. HA ! ;)

(up) at The Great Wall with some Westerns who requested to take a photo with me wearing that and suddenly I felt like a big superstar ! LOL. P.S: the costume was rented ;)

(up) at Shanghai Expo 2010 w/ family P.S: (almost) everyone said the one on the very right side was my elder brother. oh well... he's younger but taller okay.

(up) Chinese Pavilion @Shanghai Expo
(up) Indonesian Pavilion @Shanghai Expo

(up) w/ family at Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin, a small city in the southeast of China. The has has got breathtaking view and OMG couldn't stop WOW-ing seeing all those.

(up) taken at The Venetian Resort, Macau with the gondoliers :D there were Claudia, the Barbie girl and Dante, my white-horse prince ;) everyone may dream right? v.v

(up) my second time to Hong Kong Disneyland :D but this time with much more fun :)

gotta go. holiday ends today :(

Saturday, September 4, 2010

choosing the track of which I know I'll regret one day

been a long while since my last huge dilemma. Sometimes I wish I could have someone either to decide for me or to force me into any of the choices (well I actually bet if it possibly happened, I'd certainly refuse to follow)

Life is all about choices and how I wish it could be as easy as how it's spelled. I know every decision has its own risk along with its advantages. But it's somehow hard to make up my mind on one, moreover for a wishy-washy like me !

Why? :| Why am I taking an I-know-I-will-regret decision? I'm not sure either, it's probably my conscience telling me to do so ;) No matter how, the unchosen is neither a perfect nor the worst, but it's that I'm taking one, only one which brings me less pressure, even if it's gonna end up as how I predict, I care no more. Let future be future (how many times have I repeated the quote? ;) ) Let's throw all those unnecessary worries ! This is my life, I have to choose anyway. And whichever decision I've settled, I believe it's the best.


I would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said, than regretting not doing what my heart led me to and wondering what life had been like if I'd just been myself.” - Brittany Renée

Saturday, August 14, 2010

repeated :P



My recent life has been a mess since school started. LOL not really. but having mountains mountains mountains of homework sure gave me no time to do any blogging. and weirdly, we're now having our monthly test from last Friday to next Saturday.... and... why am I writing? well yes. there are always excuses to postpone studying................................................................ and and and c'mon I need a break :( it's Saturday anyway. Have I told you we've got to go to school even on Saturdays? Gee. With those seem-endless lessons at school, courses, and homework, sometimes I prefer having monthly test to be frank. At least we get home earlier and there are no assignments, true? The only thing is that we need to memorize like insane.
Somehow either the hectic school days or monthly exams, I like them both. They keep me busy ! and being busy means having less bad thoughts.... How I love the calmness when my brain contains only positive ones :) I learn not to bemoan the past nor to worry of the future uncertainties. Some may disagree... but I'm tired of all the worrying.
I used to have a lot of big dreams and big ambitions to be a successful self. Now I have one, just one.

I want a cheerful life.

I want to clear all the bad thoughts.

I want to live a simple relaxed life. It's not like I surrender to fate, I'll try to do my best, but if I fail, at least it's not gonna be my doomsday.

emm okay, there are three :P

Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello July. just realized there's only 1 post last month LOL ! Many things came out on my mind during this time... but I guessed they didn't suit to be written here. (or actually they are random and too much)

anyway back a week I joint this event called Harmonize Camp in Berastagi for 4 days. It was so much fun! and I was so much touched by the Dharma speech and discussion which were so close to my unanswerable questions before.
But then yeah I'm not that type who gets along with people easily. No worries, I'll always try and learn :)
Also, many thanks to the group leaders and committees who had contributed their time and efforts to lead such a successful and harmonized event. Harmonize Camp 2010 - the noble path to happiness :)

so the new term starts next Thursday. time flies. I feel like wasting a lot. And I am very much looking forward to school :) the time when finally my daily activities are all organized although with fatigue after arriving home every day. Think it's much better than -you know- lying on the bed all day with both eyes and hands on phone. Much more meaningless if I had woken up at almost-afternoon every "morning". Luckily I've got swimming course in the mornings :) ah at least I learn some skill, right? Certainly, don't order me to do any kind of homework on holiday, I'll end up postponing til the end of the day, or -second option- doing them halfheartedly. That's why my holiday homeworks are never done well. It's just...the laziness.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

accepting death

Hello. I haven't blogged for 2weeks and more ?! feel like postponing a lot. still remember I had been eager to post since the first of June but then the desire vanished although I wanna talk LOTS, yeah you know, laziness grows on holiday.

And so..
yesterday was the first time I experienced how that sorrow of having someone I ever met announced dead. I had not seen her for long years and I kinda forgot how she looked like. It's simply because I know she ever existed on the earth and unexpectedly, she's gone. forever. I felt terrible. I imagined how if she had been one of my close ones... but I had burst into tears even before I started.
I had been taught theories to accept death and I thought I wouldn't be so depressed of it. But now I seem not ready spiritually. Even to an almost-stranger, I feel this uneasy. sigh. I wish I have the strength when someday I encounter this again. death oh death.

P.S. I'm not a Twilight Saga freak but I've added an Eclipse movie countdowns ;) Let's count !

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I've never liked being asked to do anything under-pressure. But I guess I should be when it comes to : studying. I'll never do well in unfavorite subjects IF I'm not being pressed. The pressure, literally, may mean "exams". I've never actually been eager to learn any specific thing though :/ even when I had, I got easily bored.


the post is done.

back to Baking Life and Hotel City ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

memorable quote

可是 我 就 是 喜 欢 你 !

Translation :
I like you,
even though you are not my dream girl,
I still like you !

Quoted from "Hi My Sweetheart", Lin Da Lang to Chen Bao Zhu

Saturday, May 22, 2010

report card

so... went to school this morning for this semester's report card. kinda fast eh? today was really the last of wearing the blue skirt.
I get an increasing yet satisfying rank, but I wonder if I really deserve it. It's starting to burden me.. a lot.

P.S. Check this out >> They get cool online games with no super long loading.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a bad quarter of an hour

I was on Primary 2 level. 2C class. religion subject.
I and 3 other mates were debating a question, which was actually a stupid debate for now to think, because our answers are one hun..-okay 99%- the same.
The class was such a noise that the teacher started to be sosososo mad. unlucky of me, I was being a busy-body, kept talking, eh debating.

She came to my desk, picked up a wastepaper from the floor, and inserted it in my mouth.
I don't dare to say I was not guilty. I was because I kept talking. But hey, isn't that too rude for a 2nd Primary grader? Even if you did that to the current 3rd JHS me, it would still hurt. Moreover you were a religion teacher.

Somehow it affected my life years after. Some of my ex-classmates have never forgot and maybe.. will never. I just act like I never remember when they deliberately remind me of that.
I could tell my friends anything but never this, until we were asked to tell strange experiences of us at my English course just now. By the time I finished the speaking - though with some tears, I thought.. I'd finally got over it. I actually had much more to say to them but I couldn't stand the tears.

Like what I blogged before, "Let bygones be bygones", the same words were also uttered by Ms. Widya, my English teacher.

P.S. this really is the worst memory to remember from the first 10 years of my life.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I stop trying

I would like to express how I used to be : perfectionist
some pieces of it still sticks on the current me. I never get satisfied if I haven't chosen the best one, although it's for others' sake.

Hey and now I realize when I try to be perfect at one, then another thing gets wrong. Try to fix this and that suddenly dropped. SO HOW ?
When I try to be kind to you, then another 'you' makes me feel so uneasy by saying uncomfortable-words-to-be-heard. What am I supposed to do?
When I try to be who I am and act the way I do, I never know who feels unhappy, who complains not to me, out of my knowing.
I never know.

God, I have 3 questions.

May human simply live without haters? without enemies? without sarcasms?

May I know how others have thought about me?

Do I still have to live caring for what others' saying and feeling if they never care for mine?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ip Man 2

So I went to watch the movie with some friends. and I'm out of words except "great". I really felt my emotion burst out as I learnt how Westerns had underestimated Chinese Kungfu and tradition. I was shouting and fuming at the Westerns ! If you had sit next to me then you would have known I was such a noise. At the same time I was also touched by the Chinese not accepting the Westerns' humiliation. I CRIED. I think no one did. who cares :p not to forget, I tapped my legs like crazy due to furiousness and successfully made my friends laughed at my act. embarrassing yet fun hahaha.

Don't you just love his calm expression? cool !

this guy on the left is whom I wanted to punch !!

young Bruce Lee. He was this Ip Man's student. (true story)

P.S.The fact that nowadays Westerns appreciate Chinese more than before relieve me.

Happy Mother's Day anyway ! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Let it be my life

I used to cry. a lot. but..

If life has much more to enjoy more than teardrops-facial-washing, why won't I clean up and tell troubles "I AM READY !" If contrary to my pursuing of study, my parents advise "never give yourself too much pressure, top 100 rank on your grade is more than okay", why should I frown all day just thinking "I wanna be better better and better". If there are always more days for joy than sorrow, then what will I get from crying over my "piteous" life? If I'm 'pity', then what will I nickname the beggars? the paralyzed? the mute? the deaf? the lunatic? Even many of them can stop complaining their life and make new hopes, why can't I? I prefer enjoying my life as much as I can rather than wasting time inviting problems. I instruct myself to be calm because words kill. I'm becoming rather forgetful, I guess it's good, because bad thoughts are now easily thrown. I do less, because whether or not my deeds are hurting others, I don't know.

I stop being too ambitious and clingy because I don't wanna burden myself with those uncertainties. Just let it be. Let bygones be bygones and future be future. All I'd like to do now is to live the current life and learn more from it.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. - Buddha

Nah, now, I've officially passed the National Exam. Hello Senior High School

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Jung Tae-Woo―penyanyi muda terkenal Seoul yang muncul kembali setelah empat tahun menghindari dunia showbiz. Aku hanya ingin memintamu berfoto denganku sebagai pacarku, kata Jung Tae-Woo pada gadis di hadapannya. Sandy alias Han Soon-Hee―gadis blasteran Indonesia-Korea yang sudah mengenali Jung Tae-Woo sejak awal, namun sedikit pun tidak terkesan. Sandy mengangkat wajahnya dan menatap laki-laki itu, lalu berkata, "Baiklah, asalkan wajahku tidak terlihat.

Awalnya Jung Tae-Woo tidak curiga kenapa Sandy langsung menerima tawarannya. Sementara Sandy hanya bisa berharap ia tidak akan menyesali keputusannya terlibat dengan Jung Tae-Woo. Hari-hari musim panas sebagai kekasih Jung Tae-Woo dimulai. Perubahan rasa itu pun ada. Namun keduanya tidak menyadari kebenaran kisah empat tahun lalu sedang mengejar mereka.

Tara Dupont menyukai Paris dan musim gugur. Ia mengira sudah memiliki segalanya dalam hidup sampai ia bertemu Tatsuya Fujisawa yang susah ditebak dan selalu membangkitkan rasa penasarannya sejak awal.

Tatsuya Fujisawa benci Paris dan musim gugur. Ia datang ke Paris untuk mencari orang yang menghancurkan hidupnya. Namun ia tidak menduga akan terpesona pada Tara Dupont, gadis yang cerewet tapi bisa menenangkan jiwa dan pikirannya juga mengubah dunianya.

Tara maupun Tatsuya sama sekali tidak menyadari benang yang menghubungkan mereka dengan masa lalu, adanya rahasia yang menghancurkan segala harapan, perasaan, dan keyakinan. Ketika kebenaran terungkap, tersingkap pula arti putus asa arti tak berdaya Kenyataan juga begitu menyakitkan hingga mendorong salah satu dari mereka ingin mengakhiri hidup.

Seandainya masih ada harapan---sekecil apa pun---untuk mengubah kenyataan, ia bersedia menggantungkan seluruh hidupnya pada harapan itu.

Tetangga baruku, Nishimura Kazuto, datang ke Tokyo untuk mencari suasana baru. Itulah katanya, tapi menurutku alasannya lebih dari itu. Dia orang yang baik, menyenangkan, dan bisa diandalkan. Perlahan-lahan---mungkin sejak malam Natal itu---aku mulai memandangnya dengan cara yang berbeda. Dan sejak itu pula rasanya sulit membayangkan hidup tanpa dia.

---Keiko tentang Kazuto

Sejak awal aku sudah merasa ada sesuatu yang menari dari Ishida Keiko. Segalanya terasa menyenangkan bila dia ada. Segalanya terasa baik bila dia ada. Saat ini di dalam hatinya masih ada seseorang yang ditunggunya. Cinta pertamanya. Kuharap dia bisa berhenti memikirkan orang itu dan mulai melihatku. Karena hidup tanpa dirinya sama sekali bukan hidup.

---Kazuto tentang Keiko

Mereka pertama kali bertemu di awal musim dingin di Tokyo. Selama sebulan bersama, perasaan baru pun mulai terbentuk. Lalu segalanya berubah ketika suatu hari salah seorang dari mereka terbangun dan sama sekali tidak mengingat semua yang terjadi selama sebulan terakhir, termasuk orang yang tadinya sudah menjadi bagian penting dalam hidupnya...

Gadis itu tidak menyukainya. Kenapa?

Astaga, ia--Danny Jo--adalah orang yang baik. Sungguh! Ia selalu bersikap ramah, sopan dan menyenangkan. Lalu kenapa Naomi Ishida menjauhinya seperti wabah penyakit? Bagaimana mereka bisa bekerja sama dalam pembuatan video musik ini kalau gadis itu mengacuhkannya setiap saat? Kesalahan apa yang sudah dia lakukan?

Bagaimanapun juga Danny bukan orang yang gampang menyerah. Ia akan mencoba mendekati Naomi untuk mencari tahu alasan gadis itu memusuhinya.

Tetapi ada dua hal yang tidak diperhitungkan Danny. Yang pertama adalah kemungkinan ia akan jatuh cinta pada Naomi Ishida yang dingin, misterius, dan penuh rahasia itu. Dan yang kedua adalah kemungkinan ia akan menguak rahasia gelap yang bisa menghancurkan mereka berdua dan orang-orang yang mereka sayangi.

P.S. a little too late but they're still worth posting ;)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Berastagi I'm in love

i was so afraid that i promise not to ride any horse for some time before getting over my trauma

my face looks so childish eh? :p

so sad while looking at this -__- reminding me : I AM SHORT

more on my friend's camera. lol

simple tiredness on the first day, stomachache for the second and aching arm at last.
those didn't affect the fun. the excitement. and the cheeriness of our juvenile age.
can't express my thoughts well. i don't know, it's just FUN.
I wish I could have another 3-day there. another another and another ........

Sunday, April 25, 2010

superb night

Here I am. just got home from Kartini's belated mini birthday party. somehow I envy her family togetherness, which led to a successful celebration. her 2 brothers took role as photographers. she herself is a photographer-wannabe. I could feel how much her parents love her. or maybe not. it should be more than I thought it was. well it's not that I have an unhappy family or my parents don't love me as much as they do. But I wish my kinship with my brother was as good as hers. My brother is sometimes too ignorant about me and seems like living in his games. It's not totally his fault, I admit I'm not any good sister either. I should learn more from those whose relationship with their siblings is 'really like family'. you know what I mean? He/she can treat their siblings like friends (well more than that). I feel so down whenever listening to the giggles and stories told out from my 2 girl cousins who are biological sisters. I will never be a part of them anyway. I mean would you prefer telling things to cousin than to sister? another thing, I wish I and my parents could talk more, especially with my father. I and he are like enemies living in the same house. or maybe it was me who started the 'war'. But he is never mad to me when I show my disrespect to him. never. though I feel so guilty, I just can't understand why I behave like that. I would like to change, but I feel so annoyed when he starts the conversation. I will shout when talking to him. and right at that moment, I wanna slap myself. But still I continue talking that way. Do you guys have the same problem with me or it's just me? :'(
I guess I should spend more time on my family and friends than on studying. What's the point of studying hard and pursuing your dream when you have few friends and can't get the i-am-a-part-of-a-family feeling? I have had enough of those.

somebody said we look like twins (?)

Friday, April 23, 2010

random and languid

and at last. at last. at last.
my last exam on junior year. nothing special. and I'm not as excited as I thought I would be. the exam just happened. and *tadaaa* in like 3 months I will be stepping in my new classroom. Okay, don't count the possibility of human errors made in my National Exam. think positive kay?
I went to Sun for a 2-hour refreshment session. Well it did help me. bought some 'ammunition' for the preparation of confronting more-than-2-month holiday. and now I'm ready.

someone ruined the mood of posting. I had been so excited already before then. for you, I'm not mad. and I have never been. and I suppose I will never be. This tiny problem is not gonna drive me mad any longer. To let you know, I never regret you being a friend of mine. Thank you :) cheers ! hahahhaha :D


Saturday, April 17, 2010

another weep

okay. I'm suffering from the syndrome of "I know I could do better." silver doesn't mean second rank. I wouldn't be this down if it was. the point is that everybody gets one, either outstanding, gold, silver or bronze. and now you understand
s i l v e r i s s t a n d a r d
like what I mentioned on my very first post on this blog, I hate my everything in standards.
and .... I felt like crying right when I saw the disappointed face of my teacher. But what made me still smiled, is that ... that she still praised me. she said "it's alright. you have done your best. and you improve much than before" she was way too kind, and so I fell deeper to the gorge of guiltiness. so sorry :'( can't payback your kindness. the flashback of her asking me to come early in the morning for practicing flooded my mind. the way she supported and motivated me. and the time when I played the song. the moment when I couldn't remember the notes. the silver award. the gold achievers. they drive me crazy. should try harder to get over my on-stage nervousness next year.

P.S. I wish my parents were there, watching and giving me applauses, then even if I had played worse, it would be all worth.

I still thank God. thanks, I'm not bronze.

Friday, April 16, 2010

yo yo yo

has finally finished the School Exam. overall not bad, not as good as usual tests though. I'm used to not studying well for the subjects such as geography, history, religion, and all those boring ones. not to mention, CIVICS and ELECTRONICS. the hell man ! why should we study them? i understand nothing for the 3-year lessons, especially electro. I have always been sitting in the lab chattering and yawning.
done with the School Exam, but not with semester test. don't get the point on what's their difference eh? me either. except for the fact that I study less harder than i did on School Exams.
anyway, i got 4 mistakes for my math last Thursday. worst in 3 years, and yet it happened on my last test in junior year. it couldn't be worse. I cried and i wonder why. at least I stopped thinking about it after a few hours, not like the Herdiyenti at her primary years, at which I wouldn't stop regretting my low marks even after several WEEKS. at least I improve.

okay super best luck for my piano competition tomorrow. gotta go

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Have I told you that I'm a hypocrite?
I should have realized and left when I knew your acts which totally doesn't suit me, forever and always. I can't stand being with you, X, but too bad i have no guts to face and tell you "I dislike you. Please go away out of my life" I just can't. So here I am, inside of life's lies. Should I continue? may hurt you but I'm tired of people commenting on you, never heard of any good ones. I wanna reply "yeah I hate X either" and proves my hypocrisy (?) Have you ever been in my situation guys? When you hate someone but you can't leave him/her because of some reasons, some consciences telling you "You will have been very cruel to leave him/her, he/she will ignore you and talk and tease you behind" I hate that. I know I shouldn't care what others might say or think about me, but I'm not that typical person. I wish I wouldn't have anyone I hate or hates me but in fact they do exist. And the only I can do for now is acting like nothing happened, faking smiles, and continue accepting you, as my "FRIEND".

school test starts on Monday. and as always, I haven't studied ANY yet.

P.S. the photo uploads were postponed yeah due to the lame internet connection.
anyway, you should go buy and watch the amazing Taiwanese series - Autumn's Concerto.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy belated birthday, Herdiyenti Howard ♥

7 April 2010

got an earthquake-morning-call at 5 something. let's consider it a 'blast' referring to my birthday or a mourn to those in Aceh (centered in Sinabang) who had suffered from the disaster. Luckily the 7.2 Richter earthquake took no victims. God blessed. For those who had lost their houses or got severe injuries, BE TOUGH !
somehow the disaster had caused the shitty electricity provider (so-called-"Perusahaan Listrik Negara" which back to those pasts, provided more black-outs than electricity) to do another black-outs for us in Medan. They said something (or things) broke down. i don't care what it was, but it caused black-outs. well, it was another "luck".

then let's CHEER UP for these ! :)

Converse ♥

thanks a bunch for the people above and those who sent me birthday wishes via text, facebook, twitter, MSN, or by mouth. thank you :)

anyway, today was the last day of school. had some shoots at school but the lame internet connection makes me kind of lazy to upload. maybe tomorrow. see ya

Sunday, April 4, 2010

hello Sunday night !

wallet, watch, and a birthday card :)

the gift box I wrapped for tomorrow's birthday boy, Hendro :) let's greet him an early birthday wish ! well, there is actually another present which is a Converse school bag but too bad I was too lazy to picture it. ah, are you starting to think that he is someone so special that i have to give that lotta presents? I shared the presents with the other 20 friends, so stop yourthoughts haha. i like wrapping gifts and other craft activities, so it's me who did the job. It took me approximately an hour to turn the shoes box into this, yeah I'm not a professional yet.

I went to Sibiru-biru this morning for the grave-praying to my maternal grandpa and that's why I love Chinese tradition which teaches us not to forget our ancestors, there will be no "we" without them.

P.S. again, I edited some words in my previous posts. and for Hendro, please do not read this post before tomorrow HAHAHA *stupid*

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titan Movie Synopsis: Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on earth. Leading a daring band of warriors, Perseus sets off on a perilous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, he will only survive if he can accept his power as a god, defy his fate and create his own destiny.

i love this heavenly scene the most :D it shows the God's residence at Olympus (if I'm not mistaken)
© Warner Bros Pictures

I learnt a moral lesson from the movie :
"Do not be arrogant and ungrateful for what you have had."

watched the movie with a friend who at a sudden offered a ticket for me this morning at school (remember I joined the test?). I had no reason to reject as I had heard many good responds from people who had watched it before. and I didn't feel any regret after watching like how I felt in some other movies. it was awesome, maybe it is just because of my curiosity in myths and legends. The movie has successfully seduced my eyes to keep watching until the very end and my brain to keep digesting the plots. i was out of the theater, very much contented :)