Saturday, October 29, 2011


Last week, I was close to getting crashed by a motorcycle. Well, I kind of forgot it was a 2-way road in front of my school, therefore, I kept looking out for cars coming only from my left side. Apparently, my caution was to no avail, as there was a jam on the left-to-right lane, while it was vacant right-to-left. I ignorantly walked past the "impatient" cars (suggested by the repetitive ear-splitting sound of car horns) while still watching my left side. I was with a friend, and she was walking a little behind me, so, every once in a while I turned to her. You know, just to make sure she was still there.

The next moment after I passed the (invisible) borderline of the two lanes, my friend was pulling my hand while shouting "EHHH!!" and whooz ! I could feel the "wind" caused by a speeding motorcycle a few inches in front of me, nearly meeting my hand. It happened so fast, and I, as well as my friend, couldn't be more shocked, but we quickly made our way to the other side of the road. "That was close !" she said to me. I was numb. If it wasn't her, I would have ended up lying there on the road, fainting, bleeding, and for the first time, carried to ambulance (?). One worse possibility is I became crippled, and the worst being dead. 
I really, really can't count the number of ways people can lose their life. Right after this incident, my mind began to question my readiness. Gee, you can't plan death, it may happen anytime and anywhere, what if you haven't expected yourself to die? Okay, I know I sound like a death-phobic, but it's somehow true. Hence, I concluded 3 don'ts I should keep in mind any second, at least before I die :
1. Don't regret anything in life.
2. Don't postpone what I can do today.
3. Don't be too clingy on someone or something.

It's hard, especially the second. Well. Gotta try !