Sunday, March 28, 2010



!wish me SUPER good luck!
P.S. can't believe I am blogging and facebook-ing and tweeting and chatting on the night before exam

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a brief one

and so National Exam is coming this Monday *sigh* wondering how the hell i can be this relaxed -__- Bahasa, Math and English aren't very big deals. but not with Science which have Physics and BIOLOGY as the material. i actually enjoy learning biology, but not with the memorizing part. yes i believe i can pass but not with great score without some help hahahha :p
and i don't understand when my friends start saying that they are afraid they won't pass. don't be that pessimistic :) "I WILL PASS" is much better to say. Sutomo has even more difficult test. okay you may be afraid if you're on the top-last-10 rank of all classes.

going to mom's friends gathering feast at TaShangHai restaurant tonight. not that bad, i have known most of their children who are at around my age.

P.S. anyway, after re-reading my recent posts, i found some of them quite offensive and annoying, others are written in a rush and ain't arranged properly. so sorry :(
i sometimes edit my writing too after days or weeks. so don't be confused if you happen to find my posts a little bit different from what you have read before.
i'm still not a good blogger :/ trying to improve and not to tell what i should not.

Monday, March 22, 2010


i've got limited time to stay online :/

first case :
you're asking some of your friends to join you for a hang-out time. then A said "i wont go if B will". with C = all of us who don't have any problems with both of them,
A + C = C - B
A = -B
which means if we put A in, then we will need to find a soft way to 'kick' B.
another formula,
-A = B
A gets angry because we can't find the way to tell B not to go.

second case :
so you're craving for a movie and it's showing at the theater !! you wanna share the movie with your friends (actually need some friends to accompany you :p) , you enthusiastically ask them "Would you join? would you join?" "Let's ask my parents first okay?" "yepp. confirm me soon :)"
then you constantly get uncertain answers. some confirmed you at the last minutes.

third case :
you invite friends. and you don't even show up when they do. that IS the WORST.

frankly when I encountered the first two, i could still be patient (at least fakely patient). but when it came to the third, i felt so uneasy because it's I who disappointed them. i'm so sorry :( it is like losing their trust towards me. then I decided not to always be the one who ask. if i do, i won't be asking many to join. I have had enough of those cases.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's up with Point Blank

dedicated especially for boys.

can't you just live your life normally ? -- i mean without online games. they are just like drugs or no, they are worse. they are on the most fatal level of addiction that lead to death (okay a bit exaggerating). they just seduce us to be ignorant to the outside-game-fellas. my brother is one of the victims, don't know how many more will be trapped. it's not no good of playing games but you need to manage between games and real life and study. ive seen enough people had their study dropped, yes, because of the games. im not actually talking about everyone of you, im just taking an example, which is my brother. He's getting more and more arrogant after the frequency increase of playing Point Blank.
well yes, im a hypocrite. i do not manage my time as easy as i wrote. im still a mediocre human - not yet a God. trying my best to change from the tendency of wasting time.

anyway, gonna watch My Name is Khan tomorrow. Lols. yes im a hypocrite (again). weeks ago i told you i wouldn't watch it. but ive heard of many people cried after watching it, so im getting interested. hahahah :D gonna choose presents for a friend's birthday too (yes, again)

P.S. caught a flu yesterday but somehow i thank God. thanks for giving me the chance to skip tuition and rest. we should not complain too much in life right? :) great.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

midnight post ♥

hello bloggie :)
cant believe that we are entering the FINAL days of Junior High. the sweet 3-year term is about to end in weeks and senior year is coming in like 4 months? grey skirt but still, the old-styled white blouse -.-
Q: how much did i improve? A: not a huge step-up, im still not a typical good friend yet, but surely much better than how i used to be. dealing with my academic study, im much more like a cheater -- shame on this.

gonna have
-the ABRSM Grade 5 theory examination @ the University of North Sumatra at 8 today.
-Wishing Candle @ Aryaduta (it actually starts at 9 but i might be late due to the previous schedule)
-either stay home or Sun Plaza. still have to choose birthday gifts for the upcoming birthdays of my classmates *sigh* wondering why many of us (IX-2) are having our birth dates close to one another especially from mid-March to the end of June. really need to save for their gifts

it is nearly 1 and im still not ready for today's test. the Italian terms are killing me. gotohell with assai, larghetto, meno, mezzo, poco, resto, senza, comodo, forza, leggiero, marziale, risoluto, rubaco, scherzoso, sempre, volta ..... many more. OMG im taking this too easily, should have studied better before. i can say that ive overcome most of the exam material except this one. i cant even memorize the terms for the second grade.

!wish me SUPER good luck!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Blackberry Gemini is finally mine after months of begging to Mom and Dad hahahahah !
a kind of this type. black with an unusual "T Mobile" logo below. couldn't find this logo on any of my friends' BB :/ ah whatever. the most important point is that i have bought a new phone , goodbye my 'dearest' N73 which ive used for more than 2 years.
i was asking mom whether i could buy the white-colored version, and Mom, without any hesitation "You see your socks" .at that time i was in the car after school with her. I looked at both my legs and gussied. :B there were black spots here and there. "i cant imagine how it will be if I buy you a 'WHITE phone', you cant even take care of your 'WHITE socks' "
okay mom, after all, i think you're right. my darling N73 WAS also white but now you can see it's turning grey and of course with some blur black pocks.

im satisfied enough with this one. hahahha ! :D mom bought one for herself too, with the same model and color. and i dont understand why. dad stayed calm the whole session at the cellular shop. i thought maybe he was thinking of the money we would be spending. lolss. sorry dad :)

no laptops. no different uniforms. no overseas teachers. no English-speaking classes. im talking about the international classes.
the excitement, the outlook, the impatience have all vanished when i heard that news. maybe it was I who had been hoping too much. and the teaching system will be the one they have used for these last 6 years, which means the international system has been applied since 6 years ago.

P.S. dont know what's the point i was so happy about.