Saturday, August 14, 2010

repeated :P



My recent life has been a mess since school started. LOL not really. but having mountains mountains mountains of homework sure gave me no time to do any blogging. and weirdly, we're now having our monthly test from last Friday to next Saturday.... and... why am I writing? well yes. there are always excuses to postpone studying................................................................ and and and c'mon I need a break :( it's Saturday anyway. Have I told you we've got to go to school even on Saturdays? Gee. With those seem-endless lessons at school, courses, and homework, sometimes I prefer having monthly test to be frank. At least we get home earlier and there are no assignments, true? The only thing is that we need to memorize like insane.
Somehow either the hectic school days or monthly exams, I like them both. They keep me busy ! and being busy means having less bad thoughts.... How I love the calmness when my brain contains only positive ones :) I learn not to bemoan the past nor to worry of the future uncertainties. Some may disagree... but I'm tired of all the worrying.
I used to have a lot of big dreams and big ambitions to be a successful self. Now I have one, just one.

I want a cheerful life.

I want to clear all the bad thoughts.

I want to live a simple relaxed life. It's not like I surrender to fate, I'll try to do my best, but if I fail, at least it's not gonna be my doomsday.

emm okay, there are three :P