Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sutomo 1 - international standard

not yet actually. hahaha. according to what i heard, not every class is labeled so, there are only few classes which will be verified as international ones. dont know whether the info is accurate or not :/
and i was shocked when my form teacher announced that we should take tests before getting to international classes. it's not like you're in the plus class at junior and so you will enter plus (international) again at senior. the ones who dont take or fail the test are gonna be in regulars.
the facts that you should have sufficient marks above 7 these past 3 years and there are achievement test, interview and psychological test which have successfully confused me with my mouth opened even wider. omg the improvement is too awesome

no doubts, im gonna take the tests !

Friday, February 26, 2010

are you ready?

okay gonna be a long post due to my blog-yearning.

first of all, here is my Doraemon drawn from Illustrator :) what do you think?
well my computer teacher is kinda annoying. we argued with him about the due date of the project and he said "No more bargaining. It is to be finished on Monday." he told us about the project only 3 days before. and tell you that i had got no enough sleep those 3 days.
On the due date "okay, kids. you may still collect your projects next week." OMFG. i felt like punching right on his face.

the SCGS interview
"Could you please wait outside and please call xxx to come in..."
those were their last words for me. i was disappointed to know that i failed in the interview (at least i think so) yet relieved, to know that i was not in the dilemma of accepting or not.
then i decided not to follow any kind of scholarships until the 3rd year of senior, why? because that feeling of failing, is gonna be hard to forget at least for weeks. i keep thinking of why i told them this and why not that. ahh :( dont understand why this happens while im not planning to go before college.
anyway, congratulations to my classmates, Maylizabeth, Jessica Congdro, Kevin Halim, Windrich, Anatoly, Randy, Vincent Alfred, Deddy and Denny for being offered the scholarship ! :) you all rock ! gotta miss you when you leave though.

the sweet 17 party yesterday
not mine, my friend's. actually i was not officially invited, her mom who is also mom's friend gave us 2 invitation cards so that mom decided to bring me along.
i was asked to be one of the 'alive chandelier' hahhaa 16 of us each handled a cupcake with candle on the top and the birthday girl would blow them one by one. i found it awkward as i am not that close to her...well not even friends :/ we are acquaintances.
one thing i learnt, i will only invite a few of mom's friends IF i hold a sweet 17 party next time. to find that there are more 40s and 50s than the teens in one's sweet 17 is somehow strange.
oh the MC, looked veeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyy alike with my English teacher at Corpus !! i intended to greet him but his hair was brown last night. as i know, my teacher has black hair, at least until i saw him at tuition yesterday afternoon. so i canceled the greeting plan and just stared at him all the night. i was 80% sure, his face, his height, his talking style, except for his hair and he was slightly fatter than my teacher.

bad sign
when i got home from the party yesterday, i found out that my Kwan Im necklace which i had left in the toilet had been cracked. dont know who did it, havent announced my family about the 'incident' yet. i hope nothing bad would ever happen after this :(

the movie offer
my friend texted me to ask whether i wanna watch Piercy Jackson or not. but well i was too 'early' to read the message. i woke up at 11 and just switched on my phone at 1. she said she had bought the tickets. and so what. im planning to stay home relaxing the whole day. no regrets !

Sunday, February 21, 2010

how was the test?

not as difficult as how i thought and what people said.
i mean, yes there were some difficult ones that i had no idea what to answer, but it's not "OMG. i cant answer any" like how i used to think.

IQ test : they gave us some sequences of patterns and asked what would be the next sequence. easy at the first and you might find your brain nearly exploded as you went further.

English : the vocab part - 10 questions, i could answer not even half, the others like close passage and reading compre were easier.

Math : talking abt this, im kinda disappointed. i was lack of time and sleepy to the max ! ended up leaving >5 questions unanswered.

still need to finish my project. goodnight

P.S. congrats to Grece for getting the 1st in the National Test Olympiad :)

a very very dilemma

OH YEAH ! midnight posting again :)

gonna write a brief post as my project (remember the effing computer project?) hasnt even half-finished. i decided to draw Doraemon. lols ! will upload it when ive done drawing and editing here and there.

-----DILEMMA !-----
sometimes following too many events isnt nice. like what im experiencing.
succeeded in the eliminating round of the National Test Olympiad, i proceed to the top 20 final test which is held tomorrow. well, as for me and some others, tomorrow, Sunday, February 21, is the SCGS selection test. im freaking confused.
i was the 6th rank counted from the temporary score. the top 10 in final will get trophies and some money. therefore i have quite a chance.
i badly wanna join the SCGS selection :/ though i dont intend to go studying there even if i can achieve the scholarship, but i still wanna try.

1, 2, 3.
decision was made. im going to Angkasa for the selection. goodbye Olympiad !

Saturday, February 20, 2010

no :) and :D

note:im kinda not-in-the-mood while writing the post, so please understand some errors and inappropriate phrases or sentences.

BAD DAY ! i can barely smile.

bad experience #1
got an announcement that computer project is to be submitted on Monday. Goddamn. we've just known today and you asked us to get it finished in 3 days? gotohell. i havent even had any Adobe Illustrator version in my laptop.

bad experience #2
all my friends who sent the forms last weeks have received text messages from Jonshon Bimbel to attend the SCGS selection test on Sunday at Grand Angkasa and i dont understand why all but me. yes, i didnt get any message. some suggested me to call Johnson directly, but again my shitty phone was in lowbat condition. i finally asked my friend who were going to Johnson today to see whether im in or not and got the relieving message that i am when my shitphone had been charged at home -___-

bad experience #3
it was blackout when i arrived at my mandarin tuition. urgh ! I hate the effing PLN (electricity provider in Indonesia). not a day of full light. fcking hot and i felt my brain burning along with my books. so moodless that i couldnt even make a single smile.

bad experience #4 - the worst
had a fight with mom. i have always had a viewpoint that children need privacy too. and i hate when you're texting or chating or facebooking or tweeting or whatever, someone is beside you peeking on what you write. isnt it annoying? do you guys agree? and i regret the distrust towards me. yes i dont tell enough about my daily life and my cyber world but it doesnt mean ive learnt bad things.
i screamed and shouted so badly just now but luckily feeling much better after spoiling all the words out. well not all, i dont feel like telling them all here.

today.. is kinda, my worst day. im hoping to recover and forget everything that happened today as soon as i wake up. anyway, ive just realized that it's already half past 12 ! shit. gotta wake up at 6.30 tomorrow eh i mean today, for the National Test Olympiad at USU (University of North Sumatra). ive got 6 hours to sleep. good night.

P.S. cant think of other things to post today besides my unluckiness. sorry :|

Thursday, February 18, 2010

dear legs

like what i predicted, my legs are still ailing :'( ive got problems going up and down stairs. and SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW ! even worse with these legs. ah let's talk abt something else.

remember my dilemma? ;) i ended up going both mom's friend's house and Sun Plaza, but not for Piercy Jackson the Lightning Thief, we were late for the tickets. henceforth, From Paris with Love was an only possible choice. why? the other films beside these are 14 Blades (Chinese movie) and My Name is Khan (yes, Khan is from Sharukh Khan). well ive never heard any recommendation for the Chinese one, have understood, havent you? hahahhahahahahahhhahah a silly paragraph. ignore ignore.
though i would prefer Piercy Jackson(they said it's kinda like Harry Potter), but still, From Paris with Love is a cool action movie with lots of gunshots. i didnt really understand the plot as my brain doesnt work well on action movies. hehehhe. romance movies suit me best B)

i went to Gramedia too for Ilana Tan's novel - Summer in Seoul. the fourth novel of her series - Spring in London has been published, but i will buy it only after finishing the 2 books i havent read, Summer in Seoul and Winter in Tokyo.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

whatta day !

we set out to Siang San Shi temple, Berastagi at 6.30 in the morning and went back at 8.30. 14 hours not 2, all right? :)
had 5 sessions of worshipping Buddhas, yes, 5. not as easy as you may think. it's not like just keep reading Buddhas' names, the hardest part is that you need to stand-and-kneel. still easy? try it 350 times. oh, even more.
i was about to give up when i saw them in their late 40s or 50s who persisted on their stand-and-kneel pose, i was touched, and at the same time ashamed for having the thought of giving up.
it is said that the ritual, which is held on the third day of Lunar New year, will help us to get rid of bad karmas we had made the previous year. if your legs are painful after the prostration, it means you've done many bad things through the year.
i tell you,
MY LEGS HAD BEEN IN VERY MUCH PAIN even before the 4th session started. SIGH. hard to belive but it's the truth. i was being too mean and disrespectful and what else? too much to be mentioned. aish

and oh im in dilema. mom plans to visit a friend's house with me and bro while my friends are asking me whether i will join them for Lightning Thief or not. i wanna watch the movie sooo badly ! :( let's see then. here is a snapshot of it.
looks like a freak movie? hhahahahahha. idk. quite lazy to search for more.

P.S wont sleep well tonight, and tomorrow? im gonna be paralyzed for 1 or even 2 days.

Monday, February 15, 2010

save the tears !

late to tell Happy Chinese New Year to you eh? :D

as i went visiting and being visited, i realized that my relationship with my relatives isnt that close. ive got to see some of them once a year or even once in years. how i wish to consider my cousins like my own siblings, not to treat one another like strangers. i do have some with whom i always have sth to chat about. but it's SOME, which you can count with fingers. to think abot this, how dispirited i feel. but im still thankful for getting to see them, so much better than not at all right?

no tears for CNY as i believe that one's mood on the 1st day of new year will affect the luck in his/her house throughout the year.

anw, i really enjoy going to one of my uncles' house every year. it's located on Amir Hamzah Rd. quite big and enjoy artistic sculptures inside. he is also an expert in the art of tea, you guys should try his tea some time. lols ! and oh, he loves photography very much. we got some photoshoots there and the results, awesome ! the last, but not less interesting, a cozy karaoke room with various genres of songs. so complete that he can rival K2, Inul Vista, or others.
going to berastagi tomorrow for a praying session from 9 to 5. yes. 9 AM to 5 PM. need to sleep now, gotta wake up at 5 sth tomorrow. see ya.
P.S. im still vege til tomorrow :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


time flies - with a jet speed. so true. just had the ancestor worship session with my family moments ago. to tell you that i seldom do the worship is a very shame of me. homeworks, exams, and oh the smell of incense smoke makes me feel bad. okay, those arent reasons.
today, the last day of 2560 Lunar year, let me write a review of myself throughout the past years. overall, no specific achievement. no? my achievement = laziness. i dont study as hard as how i used to when i was in primary, also in which i got few friends. getting better in friendship when i moved on to secondary, yet the drop in academics like English . i became lazy and were always late for courses like corpus and seldom study for the exams. hence, my English is quite a stand-still for the past 3 years. let's smoothen it a bit, i have small improvement in study. im trying my best not to be too lazy urgh :/ can I?

i woke up 'so' early this morning - 8 o'clock, which is unusual on holidays. mom is busy enough preparing for tonight's feast and the house cleaning things. uh-oh. gotta get ready for lunch. see ya. i guess im not gonna blog for these few days as we're going to be busy visiting others' houses and Berastagi here i come on Tuesday :D

P.S. have vegetarian menu as my big feast tonight. pathetic? not at all. i love vege :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

EIO and HH :)


had biology as my last subject for this term of exam. suppose i get satisfying score with some help of Jennessia :) my very thanks to her. though i had just slept for <5 hours last night to study and was able to answer most of the questions, but still, i got many doubted answers :/

anw, Chinese New Year is on Sunday ! well Im kinda neutral towards the event. in one hand, yeah, visiting relatives, receiving red pockets, and cheerful faces (?), good ones. in the other hand... ah dont feel like telling it here. ive never really enjoyed the first day of CNY for the past years. ah moodddyyyyyyyyyy :(

havent decorated my blog yet, im very great in postponing, as you see. and i guess i will be posting only on weekends (except holidays). why? the regulation in my house : not to switch on computer on schooldays, computer project is exceptional.
ive thought of many things to post but forgotten them as days passed -.-
right at the moment bro is waiting for his turn to play PB (point blank or point break or whatever). you dont need minutes to wait til he screams at me. oh, im gonna have DVDs time too. see ya :)

P.S. i hate Facebook's gift notifications :S and the new display confuses me, really.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

i need TALENT

hey there
my longing for a new blog is finally fulfilled. teehees. well my old blog has been inactive for quite a time. kindly link this website in your blog, would you? :)

ive recently been up to a question :
what am I good at?
i mean something in particular. like you know, some ppl are good in drawing, literature, music, etc. i think i have only 'half' of these.
-i can mix colours but not the sketching part.
-im still lack of vocabs though quite okay in grammar.
i have been studying piano for years, but im very lazy in practicing (note that :VERY)
-im able to memorise the math formulas, but still im not fast enough compared to my friends.
-and other blablablas.

i have everything in standard level. i dont really get the point on why im so mad whenever thinking about it. urghhhhhhh :((( i hate this kinda feelinggg. i dont even have a dream job until my mother suggested me to be an architect. my English teacher has ever told me that someone with no desire of what he/she wants to be is abnormal. and you know what? i feel like crying.

i guess that's all for my first post, gotta study for the whole week of exams. my next post and the layout and widget thingies will be after the busy week. see ya :)

P.S. still seeking for my hidden talent. i know it exists