Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back !

Emm.. I hate myself for being inconsistent... As I said, I've never had completely longlasting passion in anything. There seem to be only two brief chapters in every history of "stuff-that-attracted-me" :
1. Excitement, eagerness, all-out effort.
It always starts out good, really, I tend to make my best attempt at every thing I do. I can never go to sleep without getting satisfied beforehand, and I'd rather ditch anything else that spoil the fun. *perfectionist, my mother says*
2. Boredom, laziness, day-to-day routine.
This chapter...always starts too quickly. Needless to say, I wind up getting distracted by something/things... In the blink of an eye, it's been a history.... The past....memory.... You tell.

So ! My blog seems dead, huh? I admit it's not really the place to keep a record of my life and daily events. I only write when I feel like doing it.

Happening recently to me :
went for a driving lesson, well, not a major success :|
had a family trip to Redang and Singapore last holiday :)
got into the 2nd yr of senior high :)
learnt to let go...and to deal with different kinds of situation...

Will try to update more often. Who knows someday in the future I'm gonna visit my blog, re-read my posts, reminisce my thoughts as a teen, smile and laugh at them, or perhaps, cry ?

I dare not promise, I said, "I'll try."


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