Saturday, December 24, 2011

Do you know how to play Minesweeper?

Minesweeper was one of my very first computer games. Several years after playing, I still thought that you could only win if you were like, very very veeeerrryyyy lucky, for I never managed to click on all the "numbers" without encountering "bombs". I thought, gee, perhaps I would never pass the Beginner level in my entire life ! Why would they even program Advanced? Who could possibly win? Programmers?

I hadn't played the game for quite some time until last year, during a free period at school, I eventually uncovered the secret of Minesweeper's enigma ! I was so bored back then that I tried to play the games on my Alfalink, and I happened to find Minesweeper on the list. I frowned. Seriously, this stupid luck game on an electronic dictionary? Better than nothing though. I started playing.....and began to notice what those numbers actually meant. I guided myself and after trial and error, I was finally successful in completing my first Minesweeper !! :) I have grown fond of the brain-teaser ever since.

I wonder if other people actually know how to play this simple yet depressing yet addictive game in the right way. Hence, I made a mini survey on my friends, 5 boys and 5 girls.

Question : Do you know how to play Minesweeper?

Person 1 : just click on the boxes (okay, very brief and concise manual)

Person 2 : what's minesweeper ? (seriously? -_-)

Person 3 : isn't it you who taught me last time? but I'm still confused with "2" and "3" (hahahhahaa Brenda)

Person 4 : of course I know. why? you wanna compete? (I was actually the one who taught him too)

Person 5 : if we click on the wrong boxes, there will be bombs (typical answer I expected)

Person 6 : that's the game you used to play on your Alfalink (HAHAHAHAHA)

Person 7 : sure ! that game is "old". can't you play? (finally !)

Person 8 : where can I play the game? (weird question, because he actually knows how to play -.-)

Person 9 :  my friend knows (God knows as well)

Person 10 : it depends on luck (that's what I had thought)

Result : 1 out of 5 girls and 3 out of 5 boys know how to play Minesweeper
well, I was the one who taught two of them but never mind, still counts.

I suggest you google "how to play Minesweeper" provided are one of those who haven't had adequate insight of this game ;) or you can click here

Lately, I've been playing it often, especially during my exam week. I found the game an absolute temptation, so I made a promise (an excuse, to be exact) : I would have to win one game prior to studying. Well, after one win, and two wins, and three wins......... I still hadn't stopped.

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