Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time never waits

Admit it, when you were a kid, at least once, you had ever wished you could instantly transform to an adult. I did. But I think it's human nature to never be satisfied. Now at 16, I wish I could rewind the time or just let it stay still.

Last week, I went back to my old house to clear out my bookshelf. Yes, it had been almost a year and my comics and magazines were still in my dear old bookshelf. Thanks to SEALNET who's collecting used books to be donated to an orphanage, I was finally determined to let my books breathe fresh air ! I went there with my brother and housemaid, in the end, all the bags and boxes we took were full with books. This was not a surprise, as in the old times, our greatest joy was going to Gramedia to grab Doraemon, Conan, or Donald Duck comic books. I used to like Bobo and Ino magazines as well :( I couldn't help but cry while sorting those books. They reminded me of my childhood, how I loved reading so much, how I gradually had less time to read.

Just so you know, I intended this post to be about my 16th birthday on 7 April. Today, it's 6 May, so this post is late, like really really late.
Went for dinner with some close friends the night before my birthday.

Didn't expect another surprise on my birthday as they had made one at the restaurant. And thanks to their impressive acting skill, I was completely clueless about the surprises !

Got a guitar as my birthday present ! :) will need to find time for a lesson later on.

April is like the "party month" for people around me. Got 8 birthday parties or treats last month alone.

Time flies, it's 11 months to my 17th !

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