Saturday, December 25, 2010

I feel lucky

*been a 3-month vacuum huh?*

Look at this quote we may always hit on, whether in the movies, books, or social networking sites : "My mother is the best mother in the world" or "My father is the best father in the world". As I noticed they're used very often, I thought it's just another "poetic" quote to show respect, love, bla3 to our parents. The other day I found it awkward. Yeah commonly people get only ONE father and ONE mother don't they? And of course, my parents are the best in the world (because I don't have other ones ?). Isn't it so? It's like saying becak is the most modern form of transportation when you never know the airplane. I thought the inventor or composer or poet or whoever started this quote was unintelligent. How could something which is already so obvious be made into a quote and yet people use it all the time to show how great their own mothers and fathers are.
(P.S. Of course this was just a random thought or probably a thought to think about when I felt like being a jobless professor :P )
Nevermind then, quotes like those aren't important. What matters is how we actually treat our parents, true?

But think about it again...It's ONE which means you can't compare with anybody else..... Jrenggg i got the point. It isn't to imply the selfishness of saying that only my parents are the best...instead, it is to tell that each one's parents are incomparable. Everyone's are the best ! In fact there's no way to compare, every parent loves their children, it's the way that differs. Well at least that's what I thought it means later on.

The same understanding applies for the other things, one of which : life. Our own life is the best. And we ain't supposed to envy others'. There was a time when I used to envy much of others' life. In my eyes, the great, famous, successful person, or even an ordinary person, they all had their own forte and no matter how, I'd always always be a small fry, not more. It turned out wrong. If everyone has "something", does it mean I don't? here is another quote, good one :
Beethoven was a great composer and pianist, he began to lose his hearing at his 20s and was completely deaf at 40s, yet he still managed to compose his music. Edison had gone through thousands of experiments before he finally invented the light bulb. See? We won't know the hardship someone has gone through before achieving a feat. We won't know if there's sorrow behind someone's smile. Again,
we won't know how lucky we are before we stop envying others' life. Ever since i learnt to practice this theory in life, I have lived much happier. One's strength isnt't to be envied, it's to motivate ourselves to be a better person.

P.S. Anyway, unless you act upon it, feeling motivated is useless :)

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