Sunday, September 19, 2010


went for a 12-day family trip to China this holiday and I can say that it was beyond my expectation. I thought the trip would be boring - visiting historical sites and dealing with rubbish everywhere. But it turned out not. I felt like laughing at my stupid thought as amazement filled me seeing the modernity it has, especially in Beijing and Shanghai. 4 thumbs up (if one day I happen to have 4 hands ;)) for the superb buildings' height in Shanghai and the flyovers professionally made everywhere in the big cities. I wonder if I will live long enough to see Indonesia be like that. HA ! ;)

(up) at The Great Wall with some Westerns who requested to take a photo with me wearing that and suddenly I felt like a big superstar ! LOL. P.S: the costume was rented ;)

(up) at Shanghai Expo 2010 w/ family P.S: (almost) everyone said the one on the very right side was my elder brother. oh well... he's younger but taller okay.

(up) Chinese Pavilion @Shanghai Expo
(up) Indonesian Pavilion @Shanghai Expo

(up) w/ family at Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin, a small city in the southeast of China. The has has got breathtaking view and OMG couldn't stop WOW-ing seeing all those.

(up) taken at The Venetian Resort, Macau with the gondoliers :D there were Claudia, the Barbie girl and Dante, my white-horse prince ;) everyone may dream right? v.v

(up) my second time to Hong Kong Disneyland :D but this time with much more fun :)

gotta go. holiday ends today :(

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