Sunday, January 23, 2011


I m i s s m y c h i l d h o o d

and seriously, who don't ? Back then life was much simpler. Remember how some relatively basic things gave you the utmost happiness? I remember being whacking delighted when a friend merely offered me a sheet of seaweed snack. This scene of innocence has been sweetly secured in my memory for over 9 years and supposedly will never be unlocked. Somehow if you now give me a sheet, I will say, is it even COUNTABLE? hahahaha *kidding* but that conveys much of how childhood is -benevolent, minus malicious- , yet how weird people grow up along with changes in the way of thinking.
Frankly I was some kind of hypersensitive child. Since I got to remember things, I've been crying a lot for the virtue others have done for me. For instance when my mom bought me a huge doll for my 10th birthday, I cried ._. actually without her knowing and certainly the tears of happiness. Weird? You judge.

Anyway, I used to answer "teacher" when questioned for my dream job. A typical child's. And I thought it was ONLY a child's before a friend told me recently that he wanted to be a teacher. And I was like W O W. Is it just him or many people really want to? or perhaps it's me not having met many.

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