Saturday, January 29, 2011

The power of words....

Isn't it impressive how some compliments can make your day? And irritating how some contemptuous words drop your mood and ruin the day. Words, can both heal and destroy... Often without realizing it, you may have hurt others with your saying. But this time it's not my case. I was actually aware of my being offensive.... right AFTER I said it. And it's not like I could take it back :( I need some slaps, thank my mouth. Somehow it's too, amazing, how karma works on me fast. Another person pissed me off the same way I had done to the previous one. She wasn't conscious of her utterance actually, I was about to get angry but come to think of it, hadn't I been in the same situation? :/ Puzzled. Was I supposed to get mad or just let it go? They are only words ain't they?
I decided not to take this matter any further. If I had responded, we'd have argued, and what do you think it means? more words.

P.S. I think I do need someone to watch my words and tell me if they are displeasing. I know I'll feel bad but I would rather inspect myself than continue living with doubts about whether people love or loathe me....
well, finally, this post seems a bit dull and incomplete.

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