Thursday, April 14, 2011

One missed call

Earlier today, I got a call from mom. She should've known I was in the middle of a lesson, yet still called. For a moment, I was flabbergasted. "Did something bad happen to her? Is my father okay? Is my brother fine?" And other unfavorable inquiries I mentally asked myself. I even visualized accidents and heart attacks and...death. :( My mind was all of a sudden flooded by such thoughts, merely because of that one call. I know what you're thinking, I was too much. Yes.

So, back to business. I didn't answer nor call her back. Truth is, I didn't dare. I was afraid. I was not ready. What if my visions were real?

Next 5 minutes, she instant messaged me.

"Do you wanna buy your lunch yourself or have my home-made lunch?"

-_- I almost hit myself for my goofy way of assuming things, if only it didn't make myself look goofier. I was of course relieved, but most importantly, realized the inevitability of death. Never will I know when I receive that kind of call. How miserable will I be? How many days will I need to recover myself? Anyway, the feeling of losing beloved ones is probably common (actually....not really), so have you ever thought how the feeling of parting with your own body will be? Then if one day we meet...whether in heaven, or hell, or if we reincarnate as human again, will you kindly...greet me hello?

Well, as it's a matter of sooner-or-later, I just gotta keep telling myself "Please, be prepared."

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