Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a fourteen-going-fifteen's confession

Did I tell you about my getting more and more forgetful ? ... it's months months moooontthsss ago though. Now I think I'm hitting another rough patch : my difficulty in concentrating. It kind of frightens me up... am I approaching senility? :p lol.

But you know, I'm sometimes pissed off (by myself!) because I :
  • have to read a page of textbook or novel over and over again
  • have to ask people to repeat what they said to me and therefore become their peeve T_T
  • booked a hotel online on the wrong date. It's lucky the booking could be cancelled !
  • wrote a "Happy 15" card instead of "Happy 16" to Taufik. (Hey pik, if you noticed, there's some tip-ex on the number ! >:D)
  • (this time concerning birthday card, again) got the wrong one for Hendro today !! This one, I admit, is so embarassing -_- yesterday, I miswrote some words, so I just scribbled on that card and made a new one. And then....I put the miswritten card to the envelope..... x_x Worse, I didn't know that until he opened it this morning. HAHAHA and there revealed my stupidity.

I finally found this in my drawer just now. Phew, I didn't throw it, fortunately. Going to hand this "late card" to him tomorrow.

So... do you see my want of concentration now? :(

I wanna go so effing badly ! (not "badly" enough to go there alone though ._.) I don't like him so much in person actually, I'm just purely in love with his songs ! So far my favorite, Just The Way You Are ;) hehe. Have a good evening everyone. ♥

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