Wednesday, March 30, 2011

last of March 2011

Haven't been up to things recently. Life got back to normal right after the exam week passed and prior to the result announcement. My scores suck -_- good news is that the next exam is 2 months ahead :) I spent the rest of the month pretty much goofing around. what should I say again? Weather perhaps. The sky is crazy nowadays in Medan, it's Hot & Cold ! Now you find the sun so hot (burns you!), the next minute it could be raining cats and dogs. One thought linking to another, it sometimes makes me wonder, will our species live to see the doomsday? How will it be like in the future? Do schools still exist? Do people move to Mars? Do people eat only pills instead of "food"? Do technology advances still worsen the planet? ......

Whenever the doomsday is, I hope I can still see you in April ! ;)

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