Thursday, May 20, 2010

a bad quarter of an hour

I was on Primary 2 level. 2C class. religion subject.
I and 3 other mates were debating a question, which was actually a stupid debate for now to think, because our answers are one hun..-okay 99%- the same.
The class was such a noise that the teacher started to be sosososo mad. unlucky of me, I was being a busy-body, kept talking, eh debating.

She came to my desk, picked up a wastepaper from the floor, and inserted it in my mouth.
I don't dare to say I was not guilty. I was because I kept talking. But hey, isn't that too rude for a 2nd Primary grader? Even if you did that to the current 3rd JHS me, it would still hurt. Moreover you were a religion teacher.

Somehow it affected my life years after. Some of my ex-classmates have never forgot and maybe.. will never. I just act like I never remember when they deliberately remind me of that.
I could tell my friends anything but never this, until we were asked to tell strange experiences of us at my English course just now. By the time I finished the speaking - though with some tears, I thought.. I'd finally got over it. I actually had much more to say to them but I couldn't stand the tears.

Like what I blogged before, "Let bygones be bygones", the same words were also uttered by Ms. Widya, my English teacher.

P.S. this really is the worst memory to remember from the first 10 years of my life.

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