Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ip Man 2

So I went to watch the movie with some friends. and I'm out of words except "great". I really felt my emotion burst out as I learnt how Westerns had underestimated Chinese Kungfu and tradition. I was shouting and fuming at the Westerns ! If you had sit next to me then you would have known I was such a noise. At the same time I was also touched by the Chinese not accepting the Westerns' humiliation. I CRIED. I think no one did. who cares :p not to forget, I tapped my legs like crazy due to furiousness and successfully made my friends laughed at my act. embarrassing yet fun hahaha.

Don't you just love his calm expression? cool !

this guy on the left is whom I wanted to punch !!

young Bruce Lee. He was this Ip Man's student. (true story)

P.S.The fact that nowadays Westerns appreciate Chinese more than before relieve me.

Happy Mother's Day anyway ! :)

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