Saturday, May 15, 2010

I stop trying

I would like to express how I used to be : perfectionist
some pieces of it still sticks on the current me. I never get satisfied if I haven't chosen the best one, although it's for others' sake.

Hey and now I realize when I try to be perfect at one, then another thing gets wrong. Try to fix this and that suddenly dropped. SO HOW ?
When I try to be kind to you, then another 'you' makes me feel so uneasy by saying uncomfortable-words-to-be-heard. What am I supposed to do?
When I try to be who I am and act the way I do, I never know who feels unhappy, who complains not to me, out of my knowing.
I never know.

God, I have 3 questions.

May human simply live without haters? without enemies? without sarcasms?

May I know how others have thought about me?

Do I still have to live caring for what others' saying and feeling if they never care for mine?

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