Monday, March 22, 2010


i've got limited time to stay online :/

first case :
you're asking some of your friends to join you for a hang-out time. then A said "i wont go if B will". with C = all of us who don't have any problems with both of them,
A + C = C - B
A = -B
which means if we put A in, then we will need to find a soft way to 'kick' B.
another formula,
-A = B
A gets angry because we can't find the way to tell B not to go.

second case :
so you're craving for a movie and it's showing at the theater !! you wanna share the movie with your friends (actually need some friends to accompany you :p) , you enthusiastically ask them "Would you join? would you join?" "Let's ask my parents first okay?" "yepp. confirm me soon :)"
then you constantly get uncertain answers. some confirmed you at the last minutes.

third case :
you invite friends. and you don't even show up when they do. that IS the WORST.

frankly when I encountered the first two, i could still be patient (at least fakely patient). but when it came to the third, i felt so uneasy because it's I who disappointed them. i'm so sorry :( it is like losing their trust towards me. then I decided not to always be the one who ask. if i do, i won't be asking many to join. I have had enough of those cases.

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