Saturday, March 27, 2010

a brief one

and so National Exam is coming this Monday *sigh* wondering how the hell i can be this relaxed -__- Bahasa, Math and English aren't very big deals. but not with Science which have Physics and BIOLOGY as the material. i actually enjoy learning biology, but not with the memorizing part. yes i believe i can pass but not with great score without some help hahahha :p
and i don't understand when my friends start saying that they are afraid they won't pass. don't be that pessimistic :) "I WILL PASS" is much better to say. Sutomo has even more difficult test. okay you may be afraid if you're on the top-last-10 rank of all classes.

going to mom's friends gathering feast at TaShangHai restaurant tonight. not that bad, i have known most of their children who are at around my age.

P.S. anyway, after re-reading my recent posts, i found some of them quite offensive and annoying, others are written in a rush and ain't arranged properly. so sorry :(
i sometimes edit my writing too after days or weeks. so don't be confused if you happen to find my posts a little bit different from what you have read before.
i'm still not a good blogger :/ trying to improve and not to tell what i should not.

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