Sunday, March 14, 2010

midnight post ♥

hello bloggie :)
cant believe that we are entering the FINAL days of Junior High. the sweet 3-year term is about to end in weeks and senior year is coming in like 4 months? grey skirt but still, the old-styled white blouse -.-
Q: how much did i improve? A: not a huge step-up, im still not a typical good friend yet, but surely much better than how i used to be. dealing with my academic study, im much more like a cheater -- shame on this.

gonna have
-the ABRSM Grade 5 theory examination @ the University of North Sumatra at 8 today.
-Wishing Candle @ Aryaduta (it actually starts at 9 but i might be late due to the previous schedule)
-either stay home or Sun Plaza. still have to choose birthday gifts for the upcoming birthdays of my classmates *sigh* wondering why many of us (IX-2) are having our birth dates close to one another especially from mid-March to the end of June. really need to save for their gifts

it is nearly 1 and im still not ready for today's test. the Italian terms are killing me. gotohell with assai, larghetto, meno, mezzo, poco, resto, senza, comodo, forza, leggiero, marziale, risoluto, rubaco, scherzoso, sempre, volta ..... many more. OMG im taking this too easily, should have studied better before. i can say that ive overcome most of the exam material except this one. i cant even memorize the terms for the second grade.

!wish me SUPER good luck!

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