Saturday, March 20, 2010

What's up with Point Blank

dedicated especially for boys.

can't you just live your life normally ? -- i mean without online games. they are just like drugs or no, they are worse. they are on the most fatal level of addiction that lead to death (okay a bit exaggerating). they just seduce us to be ignorant to the outside-game-fellas. my brother is one of the victims, don't know how many more will be trapped. it's not no good of playing games but you need to manage between games and real life and study. ive seen enough people had their study dropped, yes, because of the games. im not actually talking about everyone of you, im just taking an example, which is my brother. He's getting more and more arrogant after the frequency increase of playing Point Blank.
well yes, im a hypocrite. i do not manage my time as easy as i wrote. im still a mediocre human - not yet a God. trying my best to change from the tendency of wasting time.

anyway, gonna watch My Name is Khan tomorrow. Lols. yes im a hypocrite (again). weeks ago i told you i wouldn't watch it. but ive heard of many people cried after watching it, so im getting interested. hahahah :D gonna choose presents for a friend's birthday too (yes, again)

P.S. caught a flu yesterday but somehow i thank God. thanks for giving me the chance to skip tuition and rest. we should not complain too much in life right? :) great.

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