Saturday, March 6, 2010


Blackberry Gemini is finally mine after months of begging to Mom and Dad hahahahah !
a kind of this type. black with an unusual "T Mobile" logo below. couldn't find this logo on any of my friends' BB :/ ah whatever. the most important point is that i have bought a new phone , goodbye my 'dearest' N73 which ive used for more than 2 years.
i was asking mom whether i could buy the white-colored version, and Mom, without any hesitation "You see your socks" .at that time i was in the car after school with her. I looked at both my legs and gussied. :B there were black spots here and there. "i cant imagine how it will be if I buy you a 'WHITE phone', you cant even take care of your 'WHITE socks' "
okay mom, after all, i think you're right. my darling N73 WAS also white but now you can see it's turning grey and of course with some blur black pocks.

im satisfied enough with this one. hahahha ! :D mom bought one for herself too, with the same model and color. and i dont understand why. dad stayed calm the whole session at the cellular shop. i thought maybe he was thinking of the money we would be spending. lolss. sorry dad :)

no laptops. no different uniforms. no overseas teachers. no English-speaking classes. im talking about the international classes.
the excitement, the outlook, the impatience have all vanished when i heard that news. maybe it was I who had been hoping too much. and the teaching system will be the one they have used for these last 6 years, which means the international system has been applied since 6 years ago.

P.S. dont know what's the point i was so happy about.

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