Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bye tiger hello rabbit

Hello :) So today is Chinese New Year's Eve, or I should say sa cap me, the day (night?) when the whole family members get together for dinner and celebrate the beginning of the new year with a feast. As usual, my family is going to have a meatless one ;) I'm probably going to continue being a vegetarian until the 15th day of the new year. PROBABLY. The hardest part is actually not the food or the desire for meat, but people's cons toward it. Typical relatives and friends (esp. conventional elderlies) will disagree of me (as a "child" -_-) for not eating meat. Some can "suggestively force" me into eating it, some others unintentionally put meaty food in my plate, or sometimes I myself forget hmm. Under the circumstances, I will just thrive my best to reduce the meat I consume instead of vowing I won't eat any. Often I feel salute to my father as he hasn't been eating any meat for precisely a year today (counted with the lunar calendar). A full year. Tsk tsk. He still consumes dairy products such as milk and eggs though. Contrary to what some people believe, he is much healthier after becoming a vegan, and he has a better temperament since then.

Well I always feel my posts are incomplete, but guess that's all for the last post in this tiger year ;)

Happy early New Year to you who celebrate ! 年行大运 !

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