Wednesday, February 9, 2011

awkward good girl

Last night I went to Sushitei for dinner with my family and relatives. The family of my grandma's sister were in town. Well when I said family it's kind of the whole members : son, daughter, in-laws and grandchildren ._. they are Chinese and I felt damn awkward that i didn't dare speak to them HAHA. Firstly I had never known them before. Secondly, I am somehow not used to speaking Chinese. My father always says that I should speak up to gradually get used to it. But it's just awkward -_- dad maybe you should have communicated with me by both Chinese and Cantonese since I started to learn talking.

So like what i told you, i went to Brastagi 4 days ago for a yearly chanting (in case you forget or do not know, i went to the same event last year).

I don't understand why but somehow short chanting can calm my mind whilst long chanting like that made me recall the bad mischievous things I had done the previous year, perhaps He was trying to tell me not to repeat the same mistakes as last year. Well I don't know if it's right to say "He" because the event was named 礼拜千佛, meaning "Worshipping Thousands of Buddhas". Should I say "They"? It'd be awkward then ._.
And as you see, last time my legs hurt like hell for a week. I couldn't even squat or go up and down stairs (actually i could but it HURT like really really hurt ._. (and actually it's not that capital-lettered "HURT" like breaking your legs but it's just this tender "hurt" ._. )) okay I should stop exaggerating and speaking nonsense.
What i cherish is that I didn't have that much problem this year. Did He(They?) have few to scold me for? B) Emm yeah so the conclusion is "I had been a good kindhearted sinless girl" No protest. Well a good girl doesn't lie, so actually this year they reduced the sessions. We had only 4, so perhaps that's the reason.
But anyhow I'm still a good girl kay!

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