Monday, February 28, 2011

See you next year

February 2011 is undoubtedly my "peak month", because of which I'm sorry to learn that it's ending today :(

First thing I love about the month is the delay of our monthly test, though it means more materials next time. No matter what, now is now, later is later ._.

Secondly, my new house.

Thirdly, our gold in p2s1 quick-witted, this is not really something to be cocky of, not even to be satisfied of. Ask me why. Anyhow, it's still a gold :)

I'm saving the last for the best. The recycling project, of course. Yesterday was the presentation day and today was supposed to be the announcement of the winners, but I didn't find it anywhere at school :| Above is a quick shot of our final result. I don't know if it'll beat the other competitors', but let's just hope for the best :)

In 2 words, this month is "not dull". In 2 cooler words, this month is "fabulously fun". Just hoping March will be as great, or greater (?). I guess it won't, as our one and only monthly test this semester is held on the 7th. With the mountainous materials and my very unprepared self, I've got a hunch that March won't be that good to me. Well, life has its ups and downs.
Bonjour, March !

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