Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving on, moving in, and moving out

Late to say this but happy Valentine's day people :) for the last 3 days I and my family have been busy with our moving into a new home <3 we invited 2 Bhikshunis to do a blessing for our house and held some kind of a tea party yesterday with mom's friends. Our new address is actually not a considerable distant away from the old one. 2 minutes of strolling should do ._. So now here I am slouching on a couch while typing this on phone. It's a public holiday today but this morning I went to school anyway. These weeks my school is having P2S1, an event where various competitions are held for the students to participate in. I went for Sudoku just now and my time record was lame oh wait I didn't even finish it because when I noticed there were many participants who had completed the puzzles already, I suddenly reached a high desperation level and thought I should just give up. I was feeling anxious and my brain didn't work well. Well good excuses. Hahaha. The others I join are quick-witted contest and recycling project.

Ending the post here :) I'm now going to move some stuffs from my old dwelling. sigh I never knew there were so many things lacking when you move in. Regardless of the busyness and the heavy-hearted feeling of leaving my old home, overall I'm happy. Well something new isn't bad is it? New house new room .... And I no longer share my room with my brother hmm. Guess I should start adjusting and stop being too clingy.

Life goes on.

Have a nice day friends :)
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