Friday, April 2, 2010

a 3-day post

National Exam is no more to be stressed of (actually not for me, i didn't really study because it was so easy to yes, cheat, and asking for some "help" from mates nearby). such a disgrace? maybe yes but no because almost everyone did so. i spent the rest of the day watching Autumn's Concerto which i've once stopped due to the shitloads of homework and upcoming exam. the next exam will be on Monday, April 12 so I can simply relax A BIT for now.

set out at 7 for Berastagi. arrived at 8.30 and set out for Simalem at 9, arrived at 11 (the trip wasn't that long but we took the wrong route -__-) and you can now imagine how boring the trip was because we spent the time mostly in car. and i got stomachache and headache and and and many else. the route to Simalem was so...indescribable, so not smooth. "how nonchalant our government is" i mumbled along the way. then i kept convincing myself not to step any more foot on the area unless for some unexplainable reasons after arriving the resort. the sceneries are beautiful, that's what my parents considered. but due to the lack of my nature enjoyment, i found them quite usual and it wasn't worth sitting on the car-nearly vomited + bumping my body along with the car for almost 4 hours only to see these. ah whatever. have i told you that i came with my mom's friends too? and with their children. at least that's the relieving thing :) we went to Mikie Funland at Berastagi and so we got mates to enjoy the games with.

the international class enter test. i wonder what the forms we submitted are for because they require all of the 3rd junior-year students to take the test. wish me luck then :D

P.S. my posts are seldom not about complaints, ain't they? kindly forgive, it's just one of the human nature, unable to be satisfied with what we have or get.

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