Friday, April 16, 2010

yo yo yo

has finally finished the School Exam. overall not bad, not as good as usual tests though. I'm used to not studying well for the subjects such as geography, history, religion, and all those boring ones. not to mention, CIVICS and ELECTRONICS. the hell man ! why should we study them? i understand nothing for the 3-year lessons, especially electro. I have always been sitting in the lab chattering and yawning.
done with the School Exam, but not with semester test. don't get the point on what's their difference eh? me either. except for the fact that I study less harder than i did on School Exams.
anyway, i got 4 mistakes for my math last Thursday. worst in 3 years, and yet it happened on my last test in junior year. it couldn't be worse. I cried and i wonder why. at least I stopped thinking about it after a few hours, not like the Herdiyenti at her primary years, at which I wouldn't stop regretting my low marks even after several WEEKS. at least I improve.

okay super best luck for my piano competition tomorrow. gotta go

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