Saturday, April 10, 2010


Have I told you that I'm a hypocrite?
I should have realized and left when I knew your acts which totally doesn't suit me, forever and always. I can't stand being with you, X, but too bad i have no guts to face and tell you "I dislike you. Please go away out of my life" I just can't. So here I am, inside of life's lies. Should I continue? may hurt you but I'm tired of people commenting on you, never heard of any good ones. I wanna reply "yeah I hate X either" and proves my hypocrisy (?) Have you ever been in my situation guys? When you hate someone but you can't leave him/her because of some reasons, some consciences telling you "You will have been very cruel to leave him/her, he/she will ignore you and talk and tease you behind" I hate that. I know I shouldn't care what others might say or think about me, but I'm not that typical person. I wish I wouldn't have anyone I hate or hates me but in fact they do exist. And the only I can do for now is acting like nothing happened, faking smiles, and continue accepting you, as my "FRIEND".

school test starts on Monday. and as always, I haven't studied ANY yet.

P.S. the photo uploads were postponed yeah due to the lame internet connection.
anyway, you should go buy and watch the amazing Taiwanese series - Autumn's Concerto.

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