Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy belated birthday, Herdiyenti Howard ♥

7 April 2010

got an earthquake-morning-call at 5 something. let's consider it a 'blast' referring to my birthday or a mourn to those in Aceh (centered in Sinabang) who had suffered from the disaster. Luckily the 7.2 Richter earthquake took no victims. God blessed. For those who had lost their houses or got severe injuries, BE TOUGH !
somehow the disaster had caused the shitty electricity provider (so-called-"Perusahaan Listrik Negara" which back to those pasts, provided more black-outs than electricity) to do another black-outs for us in Medan. They said something (or things) broke down. i don't care what it was, but it caused black-outs. well, it was another "luck".

then let's CHEER UP for these ! :)

Converse ♥

thanks a bunch for the people above and those who sent me birthday wishes via text, facebook, twitter, MSN, or by mouth. thank you :)

anyway, today was the last day of school. had some shoots at school but the lame internet connection makes me kind of lazy to upload. maybe tomorrow. see ya

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