Sunday, April 4, 2010

hello Sunday night !

wallet, watch, and a birthday card :)

the gift box I wrapped for tomorrow's birthday boy, Hendro :) let's greet him an early birthday wish ! well, there is actually another present which is a Converse school bag but too bad I was too lazy to picture it. ah, are you starting to think that he is someone so special that i have to give that lotta presents? I shared the presents with the other 20 friends, so stop yourthoughts haha. i like wrapping gifts and other craft activities, so it's me who did the job. It took me approximately an hour to turn the shoes box into this, yeah I'm not a professional yet.

I went to Sibiru-biru this morning for the grave-praying to my maternal grandpa and that's why I love Chinese tradition which teaches us not to forget our ancestors, there will be no "we" without them.

P.S. again, I edited some words in my previous posts. and for Hendro, please do not read this post before tomorrow HAHAHA *stupid*

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