Friday, February 26, 2010

are you ready?

okay gonna be a long post due to my blog-yearning.

first of all, here is my Doraemon drawn from Illustrator :) what do you think?
well my computer teacher is kinda annoying. we argued with him about the due date of the project and he said "No more bargaining. It is to be finished on Monday." he told us about the project only 3 days before. and tell you that i had got no enough sleep those 3 days.
On the due date "okay, kids. you may still collect your projects next week." OMFG. i felt like punching right on his face.

the SCGS interview
"Could you please wait outside and please call xxx to come in..."
those were their last words for me. i was disappointed to know that i failed in the interview (at least i think so) yet relieved, to know that i was not in the dilemma of accepting or not.
then i decided not to follow any kind of scholarships until the 3rd year of senior, why? because that feeling of failing, is gonna be hard to forget at least for weeks. i keep thinking of why i told them this and why not that. ahh :( dont understand why this happens while im not planning to go before college.
anyway, congratulations to my classmates, Maylizabeth, Jessica Congdro, Kevin Halim, Windrich, Anatoly, Randy, Vincent Alfred, Deddy and Denny for being offered the scholarship ! :) you all rock ! gotta miss you when you leave though.

the sweet 17 party yesterday
not mine, my friend's. actually i was not officially invited, her mom who is also mom's friend gave us 2 invitation cards so that mom decided to bring me along.
i was asked to be one of the 'alive chandelier' hahhaa 16 of us each handled a cupcake with candle on the top and the birthday girl would blow them one by one. i found it awkward as i am not that close to her...well not even friends :/ we are acquaintances.
one thing i learnt, i will only invite a few of mom's friends IF i hold a sweet 17 party next time. to find that there are more 40s and 50s than the teens in one's sweet 17 is somehow strange.
oh the MC, looked veeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyyy alike with my English teacher at Corpus !! i intended to greet him but his hair was brown last night. as i know, my teacher has black hair, at least until i saw him at tuition yesterday afternoon. so i canceled the greeting plan and just stared at him all the night. i was 80% sure, his face, his height, his talking style, except for his hair and he was slightly fatter than my teacher.

bad sign
when i got home from the party yesterday, i found out that my Kwan Im necklace which i had left in the toilet had been cracked. dont know who did it, havent announced my family about the 'incident' yet. i hope nothing bad would ever happen after this :(

the movie offer
my friend texted me to ask whether i wanna watch Piercy Jackson or not. but well i was too 'early' to read the message. i woke up at 11 and just switched on my phone at 1. she said she had bought the tickets. and so what. im planning to stay home relaxing the whole day. no regrets !

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