Sunday, February 21, 2010

a very very dilemma

OH YEAH ! midnight posting again :)

gonna write a brief post as my project (remember the effing computer project?) hasnt even half-finished. i decided to draw Doraemon. lols ! will upload it when ive done drawing and editing here and there.

-----DILEMMA !-----
sometimes following too many events isnt nice. like what im experiencing.
succeeded in the eliminating round of the National Test Olympiad, i proceed to the top 20 final test which is held tomorrow. well, as for me and some others, tomorrow, Sunday, February 21, is the SCGS selection test. im freaking confused.
i was the 6th rank counted from the temporary score. the top 10 in final will get trophies and some money. therefore i have quite a chance.
i badly wanna join the SCGS selection :/ though i dont intend to go studying there even if i can achieve the scholarship, but i still wanna try.

1, 2, 3.
decision was made. im going to Angkasa for the selection. goodbye Olympiad !

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