Friday, February 12, 2010

EIO and HH :)


had biology as my last subject for this term of exam. suppose i get satisfying score with some help of Jennessia :) my very thanks to her. though i had just slept for <5 hours last night to study and was able to answer most of the questions, but still, i got many doubted answers :/

anw, Chinese New Year is on Sunday ! well Im kinda neutral towards the event. in one hand, yeah, visiting relatives, receiving red pockets, and cheerful faces (?), good ones. in the other hand... ah dont feel like telling it here. ive never really enjoyed the first day of CNY for the past years. ah moodddyyyyyyyyyy :(

havent decorated my blog yet, im very great in postponing, as you see. and i guess i will be posting only on weekends (except holidays). why? the regulation in my house : not to switch on computer on schooldays, computer project is exceptional.
ive thought of many things to post but forgotten them as days passed -.-
right at the moment bro is waiting for his turn to play PB (point blank or point break or whatever). you dont need minutes to wait til he screams at me. oh, im gonna have DVDs time too. see ya :)

P.S. i hate Facebook's gift notifications :S and the new display confuses me, really.

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