Thursday, February 18, 2010

dear legs

like what i predicted, my legs are still ailing :'( ive got problems going up and down stairs. and SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW ! even worse with these legs. ah let's talk abt something else.

remember my dilemma? ;) i ended up going both mom's friend's house and Sun Plaza, but not for Piercy Jackson the Lightning Thief, we were late for the tickets. henceforth, From Paris with Love was an only possible choice. why? the other films beside these are 14 Blades (Chinese movie) and My Name is Khan (yes, Khan is from Sharukh Khan). well ive never heard any recommendation for the Chinese one, have understood, havent you? hahahhahahahahahhhahah a silly paragraph. ignore ignore.
though i would prefer Piercy Jackson(they said it's kinda like Harry Potter), but still, From Paris with Love is a cool action movie with lots of gunshots. i didnt really understand the plot as my brain doesnt work well on action movies. hehehhe. romance movies suit me best B)

i went to Gramedia too for Ilana Tan's novel - Summer in Seoul. the fourth novel of her series - Spring in London has been published, but i will buy it only after finishing the 2 books i havent read, Summer in Seoul and Winter in Tokyo.


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