Monday, February 15, 2010

save the tears !

late to tell Happy Chinese New Year to you eh? :D

as i went visiting and being visited, i realized that my relationship with my relatives isnt that close. ive got to see some of them once a year or even once in years. how i wish to consider my cousins like my own siblings, not to treat one another like strangers. i do have some with whom i always have sth to chat about. but it's SOME, which you can count with fingers. to think abot this, how dispirited i feel. but im still thankful for getting to see them, so much better than not at all right?

no tears for CNY as i believe that one's mood on the 1st day of new year will affect the luck in his/her house throughout the year.

anw, i really enjoy going to one of my uncles' house every year. it's located on Amir Hamzah Rd. quite big and enjoy artistic sculptures inside. he is also an expert in the art of tea, you guys should try his tea some time. lols ! and oh, he loves photography very much. we got some photoshoots there and the results, awesome ! the last, but not less interesting, a cozy karaoke room with various genres of songs. so complete that he can rival K2, Inul Vista, or others.
going to berastagi tomorrow for a praying session from 9 to 5. yes. 9 AM to 5 PM. need to sleep now, gotta wake up at 5 sth tomorrow. see ya.
P.S. im still vege til tomorrow :)

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