Saturday, February 13, 2010


time flies - with a jet speed. so true. just had the ancestor worship session with my family moments ago. to tell you that i seldom do the worship is a very shame of me. homeworks, exams, and oh the smell of incense smoke makes me feel bad. okay, those arent reasons.
today, the last day of 2560 Lunar year, let me write a review of myself throughout the past years. overall, no specific achievement. no? my achievement = laziness. i dont study as hard as how i used to when i was in primary, also in which i got few friends. getting better in friendship when i moved on to secondary, yet the drop in academics like English . i became lazy and were always late for courses like corpus and seldom study for the exams. hence, my English is quite a stand-still for the past 3 years. let's smoothen it a bit, i have small improvement in study. im trying my best not to be too lazy urgh :/ can I?

i woke up 'so' early this morning - 8 o'clock, which is unusual on holidays. mom is busy enough preparing for tonight's feast and the house cleaning things. uh-oh. gotta get ready for lunch. see ya. i guess im not gonna blog for these few days as we're going to be busy visiting others' houses and Berastagi here i come on Tuesday :D

P.S. have vegetarian menu as my big feast tonight. pathetic? not at all. i love vege :)

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