Saturday, February 20, 2010

no :) and :D

note:im kinda not-in-the-mood while writing the post, so please understand some errors and inappropriate phrases or sentences.

BAD DAY ! i can barely smile.

bad experience #1
got an announcement that computer project is to be submitted on Monday. Goddamn. we've just known today and you asked us to get it finished in 3 days? gotohell. i havent even had any Adobe Illustrator version in my laptop.

bad experience #2
all my friends who sent the forms last weeks have received text messages from Jonshon Bimbel to attend the SCGS selection test on Sunday at Grand Angkasa and i dont understand why all but me. yes, i didnt get any message. some suggested me to call Johnson directly, but again my shitty phone was in lowbat condition. i finally asked my friend who were going to Johnson today to see whether im in or not and got the relieving message that i am when my shitphone had been charged at home -___-

bad experience #3
it was blackout when i arrived at my mandarin tuition. urgh ! I hate the effing PLN (electricity provider in Indonesia). not a day of full light. fcking hot and i felt my brain burning along with my books. so moodless that i couldnt even make a single smile.

bad experience #4 - the worst
had a fight with mom. i have always had a viewpoint that children need privacy too. and i hate when you're texting or chating or facebooking or tweeting or whatever, someone is beside you peeking on what you write. isnt it annoying? do you guys agree? and i regret the distrust towards me. yes i dont tell enough about my daily life and my cyber world but it doesnt mean ive learnt bad things.
i screamed and shouted so badly just now but luckily feeling much better after spoiling all the words out. well not all, i dont feel like telling them all here.

today.. is kinda, my worst day. im hoping to recover and forget everything that happened today as soon as i wake up. anyway, ive just realized that it's already half past 12 ! shit. gotta wake up at 6.30 tomorrow eh i mean today, for the National Test Olympiad at USU (University of North Sumatra). ive got 6 hours to sleep. good night.

P.S. cant think of other things to post today besides my unluckiness. sorry :|

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