Sunday, February 21, 2010

how was the test?

not as difficult as how i thought and what people said.
i mean, yes there were some difficult ones that i had no idea what to answer, but it's not "OMG. i cant answer any" like how i used to think.

IQ test : they gave us some sequences of patterns and asked what would be the next sequence. easy at the first and you might find your brain nearly exploded as you went further.

English : the vocab part - 10 questions, i could answer not even half, the others like close passage and reading compre were easier.

Math : talking abt this, im kinda disappointed. i was lack of time and sleepy to the max ! ended up leaving >5 questions unanswered.

still need to finish my project. goodnight

P.S. congrats to Grece for getting the 1st in the National Test Olympiad :)

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