Sunday, February 7, 2010

i need TALENT

hey there
my longing for a new blog is finally fulfilled. teehees. well my old blog has been inactive for quite a time. kindly link this website in your blog, would you? :)

ive recently been up to a question :
what am I good at?
i mean something in particular. like you know, some ppl are good in drawing, literature, music, etc. i think i have only 'half' of these.
-i can mix colours but not the sketching part.
-im still lack of vocabs though quite okay in grammar.
i have been studying piano for years, but im very lazy in practicing (note that :VERY)
-im able to memorise the math formulas, but still im not fast enough compared to my friends.
-and other blablablas.

i have everything in standard level. i dont really get the point on why im so mad whenever thinking about it. urghhhhhhh :((( i hate this kinda feelinggg. i dont even have a dream job until my mother suggested me to be an architect. my English teacher has ever told me that someone with no desire of what he/she wants to be is abnormal. and you know what? i feel like crying.

i guess that's all for my first post, gotta study for the whole week of exams. my next post and the layout and widget thingies will be after the busy week. see ya :)

P.S. still seeking for my hidden talent. i know it exists

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